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What is Paintball Scheduling Pro?

Paintball Scheduling Pro is the Premier tournament scheduling program specifically designed and engineered for the Paintball Tournament Scene.  It was developed to meet the tournament scheduling needs of the promoter, tournament director, local field owner, referees, players, and enthusiasts alike.  It is a full featured round robin tournament scheduler which will not only bring organization to your tournament but professionalism as well.  If you want to exceed the expectations of your customers and bring your tournament organizing skills to the next level then this program is a must have for you!


Why was Paintball Scheduling Pro Developed?

Paintball Scheduling Pro was born after the author attended a local tournament.  The scheduling and organization of the tournament was almost non existent.  Here is the story:  At the captain's meeting names were drawn out of a hat to match team names with team numbers.  This took approximately 15-20 minutes.  Then the event organizer placed a piece of paper on a small circular table with the so called schedule on it.  The so called schedule was copied approximately 50 plus times with no lines on it making it extremely difficult to read.  Also, during the copying process the text on the piece of paper angled all over the paper, no alignment what so ever.  This piece of paper did not have any lines on it and only listed the team numbers and field numbers.  Of course, the team numbers and field numbers were on opposite sides of the sheet of paper making it almost impossible to line them up when trying to copy down a team's schedule.  Also, imagine this all occurring as 10-15 team captains are elbow to elbow trying to figure out their team schedule.  You can only image the frustration of everyone around that small circular table.  As the tournament began things only became more difficult for everyone.  No one really knew which games were played on each field including the refs.  After each game the poor head field ref was surrounded by anxious team captains asking if they played next.  The head field ref checked and checked his score sheets and tried the best he could to keep everyone happy.  At times mass confusion was the norm.  Some teams even had the opportunity to play each other more than once even though this was not on the so called schedule.  Anyway, the tournament was completed some time after darkness fell.  In the end, the author knew there had to be a better way and thus Paintball Scheduling Pro was born.
P.S. - This local field still conducts tournaments this way, its called "Flying by the seat of one's pants."

Where is Paintball Scheduling Pro used?

Paintball Scheduling Pro is in use at the following events, series, tours, and fields.  This is a partial list, for a complete list please contact the author.
  • Ultimate Madness 2002/2003/2004
  • International Amateur Open 2003
  • Carolina Field Owner's Association Tour
  • World Paintball Federation
  • SC Village
  • National Collegiate Paintball Association
  • Toledo Indoor Paintball
  • Police and Fire Games in California
  • Phoenix Paintball Limited - United Kingdom
  • NOR-CALL Paintball
  • Pentagon Paintball, Inc.
  • Paintball Barn

United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation Review

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